The word “IMPOSSIBLE” doesn’t exist only “POSSIBLE” when you try to learn Japanese language or any other language for that matter. Why should it be difficult? When in fact you know a few words of Japanese words which is commonly use by all individuals such us “kimono” and “sake” which means rice wine.

Japanese among the other foreign language taught today is considered the easiest language to learn. It is less complicated that others claim that an individual can learn it over night just by studying the “How to Learn” book. But of course the best thing to learn Japanese is by immersion. To be with native Japanese speakers can certainly develop your speaking and listening skills and helps you a lot in your goal to speak Japanese.

How easy is Japanese language?

You start with the sounds, basically they only have 50 different sounds to master. What is difficult with Japanese language is their grammar but don’t get confuse with it just yet but stick to mastering the sounds first.

To start with there are only five vowel sounds to memorize. “A” as in “a” in the word far, “I” as “e” in the word me, “E” as in bet, “O” as in over and “U” as in push when it is in short vowel but if it is long then “U” is “oo” in the word soon. Mastery of the vowel sound as well as the consonants is the first step and when you get to master this then you get to enjoy pronouncing the words. When you get to pronounce the word you will be familiarize too with its meaning. At this stage you might be able converse not fluently of course but as beginners do.

Form of Grammar in Japanese

In Japanese grammar the verb always comes in last. Verb endings are very important. So that you will know if a sentence is expressing in present or past tense or if it’s a positive or negative response, you must listen to the very last syllable of a sentence. You can clearly see it in the example given, in English you will say “I would like to visit Mount Fuji”, In Japanese you would say “Watak’shi wa Fuji San” which literally means “I Fiji Mount visit want”. But professionals advised, don’t get hang up with the grammar thing, but master your speaking and listening skills first. Master the sound of each vowel and consonants and you will be just fines.

There are a lot of reasons why an individual would want to learn Japanese language. Whatever your reasons are just stick to your goal of learning the language and that alone will sustain you all through out your study. Learning the language would definitely open up a lot of opportunities for you so don’t get discourage if at times you fail, go on and get encourage and rewarded when you are able to communicate with a native Japanese speaker or those who know the language. Every smile that your word brought to their face is enough encouragement for you to go on with your studies.

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