Literary mentors will tell you that publishing a work is your diploma as a writer. It marks your craft and welcomes you officially as a pen warrior. Publishing in today's culture may mean so many different things that do not even involve paper and ink. Almost every netizen has a blog account or elsewhere to post a “written piece” on without having to undergo the restrictions, technicality of reviewers and editors, and guidelines with regard to standards prior to publication. Even a handheld device will suffice in quenching the thirst to write something which is mean for public consumption. However, is publishing over the Internet considered a “real publishing?”

The answer is no. Publishing belongs to the wonders of printing, paper and ink. What are pages if the leaves are missing. What are covers if there is no need for opening. What are readers if there is no physical connection to the piece that makes you an icon of your own genre. Publishing written pieces on the cyberworld will absolutely make you a writer, but hardly an author.

Writing out e-publishing from your list will leave you hanging on two options – manuscript submission to able publishing houses or self book publishing. Which one should you choose then? What will make you a big time author the fastest way?

Both have their own extra benefits and downsides. Weighing them down shows the difference making self publishing a more practical decision.

Looking for a reputable publishing company can be a bit cumbersome. Who pays the highest royalty? Who markets the widest? Who has a more impressive roster of past author? Who gives the best assistance to upcoming authors like you? Will there be a fee for submitting your work? There are a lots of questions to be answered first before you send your manuscript which is brought up from sweat and late-night writing. You surely do not like your work to end up in a company that claims copyright without a justifiable payment.

Submitting your manuscript for review may take quite some time. Some will leave you expecting for months just to learn that you have to do some additional revisions before you can see you work on paper. More than complying to strict guidelines and technical qualifications, the long waiting break your spirit and determination.

Self book publishing gives you more freedom in choosing the book editor you want. You can decide on everything, from graphics, layout to content. It is important to have somebody review your manuscript though as writers always have the tendency to lean towards one side. This way, there is no need for you to haggle on your royalty fee as you can rake in every cent as soon as your copies are sold. Funding is a small problem but once you collect all that you need, you can easily control them for the marketing and distribution. You can even decide on the number of copies to print and just assess sales after every copy has been bought.

Self book publishing is a bit toilsome on some level. But remember that with this, you can earn every penny your book is worth.

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