Although subliminal communication is not something that most people are aware of, it is a form of communication that virtually everyone will have been influenced by at some time or another.

Natural Forms of Subliminal Communication

Here is an example that you might be able to relate to of subliminal communication.

No doubt you have been amongst a group of people who are chatting and you were listening to the conversation. You may join in the conversation occasionally by offering your opinion or relating examples of your experiences to the group.

Then you say something to the group, only for one of the other members of the group to declare I have just said that You realise that you have repeated what someone else has just said. To cover your embarrassment you might add that you didnt hear it being said at the time.

Of course the opposite of the above example of subliminal communication can happen too. On this occasion you say something to the group and then another person, a second or two later says the exact same thing. They also protest saying that they never heard you say those words.

So what has actually occurred here On both these occasions, both people, you and the other person, said that you never heard the other say the words that were then repeated. This, not remembering hearing something that was said, is true in an intriguing way.

It is true from the point of view of consciously hearing something. You see none of them consciously registered what was said. In fact both of you, it could be argued, were deep in thought, daydreaming or in a trance. A hypnotherapist would suggest that you were in hypnosis.

Whatever your opinion is, it is true that those words were not heard by the conscious mind. However they were heard by the subconscious mind. Later on when the conscious mind was thinking of something to say the subconscious mind delivered forward the words that had just been uttered by someone else.

Recognising that those words were relevant to the topic of conversation the conscious mind used them in the form of speech.

The word subliminal means below consciousness.

This is an excellent example of how the conscious mind can miss some communication and also how the subconscious mind will be sensitive to it. This is often what a hypnotherapist will aim for with their suggestions in a normal hypnosis session. To bypass the conscious mind and to encourage acceptance of positive suggestions in the part of the mind that needs to make a change, the subconscious mind.

This is in essence the same process that works so well in a subliminal cd. The subliminal cd contains words and suggestions aimed at helping the listener to change. Those words in a subliminal cd may be masked by music or a more modern breakthrough is to use speeded up speech called Whisper Subliminals.

Speeded up speech in a Whisper Subliminal cd is incomprehensible to the conscious mind. However the subconscious mind it seems is able to accept communication in different forms. The positive subliminal messages for change reach the best place for them, the subconscious mind and the listener can be aware of changes in behaviours and habits with repeated listening to a Whisper Subliminal cd.

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