Drinkware is superb merchandise for use as promotional gifts. Everyone enjoys unique items that serve a purpose. Some of the more appreciated gifts include ceramic coffee mugs, travel tumblers, and portable water bottles. Designing drinking vessels that become a favorite is a good way to broaden brand awareness.

Choosing the best type of drinkware is not a difficult process. It can be further simplified by working with an experienced promotional products company. Experts can help owners come up with design concepts that will make the drinking vessel stand apart from the crowd.

There are several types of drinkware including, coffee mugs, sports bottles, portable tumblers, stemware, shot glasses, beer mugs, and environmentally-friendly drinkware. All of these products can be personalized with company logos and marketing messages. Most come in a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Personalized shot glasses are one of the more affordable choices. They are often handed out at trade shows and promotional events. Eco-friendly water bottles are a favored tradeshow giveaway and are ideal for sponsoring community events such as local marathons.

Portable mugs are another well-liked item. One consideration with this merchandise is whether to include handles or not. A lot of people that spend time in their car prefer travel mugs that do not have handles because they are easier to store in the cup holder.

People that will use the mug while walking usually like mugs that do have a handle. For this reason it's important to think about how your target market will get the best use of personalized travel mugs.

People like to receive ceramic coffee cups and stainless steel travel mugs. These vessels provide a lot of surface area for branding. Companies can use both sides of the mug to display their logo, slogan, contact information, website address, or other kinds of advertising messages.

A common misconception amongst business owners is that designing custom drinkware is cost-prohibitive. The reality is this type of promo gift can pay back a hefty return on investment with repeat customers. Many personalized gifts are available for just a few dollars, but go a long way in enhancing brand recognition.

One very important factor that must be considered when ordering imprinted drinkware is finding out what kind of materials is used. Recently, there has been considerable controversy regarding a chemical known as BPA; also known as bisphenol A.

Although this chemical has been used for many years there are now concerns that BPA is connected to certain health issues. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to avoid it.

One option is to use drinkware that is manufactured from Tritan plastic. This material is very strong, durable, and impact-resistant. Other options include stainless steel and ceramic.

In order to create unique personalized drinkware that will become recipients' favorite drinking vessel requires careful selection of design elements and color schemes. While it can be tempting to add a funky handle or unusual shape, drinkware needs to be useful. Otherwise, it will be perceived as a novelty gift that is placed on a shelf or stored away out of sight.

Creating custom drinkware is a fun and affordable way to market your business. At Gorilla Marketing, we help companies create unique promotional products for tradeshow giveaways, business gifts, and employee appreciation. Let us show you how easy it is by visiting us at www.GorillaMarketing.net.
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