People suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness generally find difficulty to fall asleep, or get awakened within short spells of sleep. Read this article to find the causes, symptoms and natural remedies for insomnia.

It is really frustrating to watch everybody around you having a peaceful nights sleep and you just keep counting hours for the dawn to set in, without your eyelids drooping even for few minutes. Obviously a sort of nightmare one can dream of passing sleepless nights endlessly! Occasionally one can pass one or two sleepless nights, but if the trend continues it leads to a disease called insomnia. It is a disease of modern age observed especially in the urban people and the number of people suffering from this disease is on the rise.

People suffering from insomnia generally find difficulty to fall asleep, or get awakened within short spells of sleep, change in quality of sleep followed by lack of concentration, irritability, mood swings and emotional instability.


There may be a single cause for this disease or a mixture of several that leads to insomnia.

1. Anxiety, tension and too much of stress is the most common cause of insomnia observed in most people.

2. Emotional factors, anger, bitterness, inability to cope up with certain situations also play a major role in insomnia.

3. Life devoid of any physical activity, smoking, drinking, wrong sleeping habits leads to insomnia.

4. Physiological disorders like heart disease, Parkinson's disease, asthma can lead to insomnia.

Natural Remedies

Popping up sedatives is the most common and easiest of the treatments that most patients resort to, but very few are aware of the fact that prolonged use of these sleeping pills can lead to an addiction posing other health problems.

1. Change in lifestyle, food can cure the insomnia to a great extent.

2. Setting a definite time to go to bed helps in the regularization of sleep maintaining definite time gap.

3. Regular physical exercises, reduced intake of sugar, carbohydrate and refined food and tea coffee can help in sleeping.

4. Avoiding allergy producing foods as they may cause disturbances in sleep.

5. Meditation and breathing exercises releases stress, elevates mood and improves sleep.

6. Light music also relaxes the mind and calms down nerves helping in sleeping.

7. Taking warm bath before retiring to bed also acts as good sleep inducer.

8. A glass of milk if taken with honey acts as a good sleeping tonic.

9. Vitamin B or thiamine strengthens the nerves and so taking food rich in Vitamin B such as cereals, pulses, nuts, whole grains are good to cure insomnia.

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