As we launch our online e businesses, many of us are still working other jobs or taking care of the kids at the same time. With limited time, it's important that we make the most out of the time we get. The more productive we are online, the faster we can increase our profits.

In this example, we're going to use a new online business owner as an example. Let's say he has just started selling hand drawn caricatures online and he has invested in a membership of an online money making club.

Once he starts learning from his money making mentor, he'll get bombarded with information about websites he should visit, memberships he should sign up for, articles he should write, ads he should place, e banks and affiliates to join, movie clips he should make, forums he should join, special know-how with Google Alerts, you name it. If you've done it, you know first hand what I'm talking about.

Here's a super simple trick that will 1) speed up your learning curve, and 2) make you more efficient from the start:

Daily e business work is almost exclusively done by visiting different websites. Websites can be bookmarked. Bookmarks can be named by you and saved under those names, in different folders.

So, I created a new bookmarks folder. In it, I placed only bookmarks for websites I use to run my e business. Then, I named all of my bookmarks after the task they each represented. No business or website names, only my job descriptions. Website icons are still there to represent most sites.

Going back to the caricature artist for a more concrete example: Let’s say he uses at least two different bookmarks for his Money Making Mentor's membership website - one for the step-by-step video tutorials, and one for the support forum. Suggested bookmark names: "Watch tutorials here" and "Ask questions here".

The result being that, when I open that bookmarks folder every day, it reminds me of what all of my new daily e tasks are. With a hectic rest of my life, bookmarking like this helps me jump right into it and pick up where I last left off. No more re-familiarization and looking around for a while to get started.

The caricature artist might also have been advised to sign up as a vendor with a commission website. I expect he'd frequent at least two of their pages on a daily basis. Instead of using the website’s default bookmark name, we can name them "Submit new products here" or "Set commission rates here" and "Monitor profit here". For his domain name service, he'd name the correlating bookmark, "Administer website here".

You get the idea. By doing this from the beginning, not only does it speed up the learning process, but it also helps to clearly distinguish and remind us of what the daily tasks really are. And, how simple they really are.

When we need to learn complex concepts quickly, compartmentalized learning is efficient learning. My ten bookmarks help me stay efficient on a daily basis.

Personally, I only get limited hours to do my e business stuff every day, and making every click as meaningful as possible might seem a bit obsessive, but I must say I prefer to make things easy for myself when I have a choice.

To find out more shortcuts, and watch free e commerce tutorial videos by Money Maverick Mentor, visit!
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