For the last few years, a good amount of innovation has changed how paper works are being handled. Now handwriting and typewriting especially when it comes to formal texts are almost unheard of. The typewriter was great while it lasted but people found it lacking of capabilities. With this, people just weren’t happy enough to settle. True, for a while typewritten projects or files were the standard. The typewriter’s introduction to the world has once brought about a norm to be followed for document management. Nowadays more technological stuff like scanning or data capture is available to everyone although it hasn’t always been that way.

Upon commercial availability of the computer, people found out how brilliant it can be. It can perform a lot of tasks unlike the typewriter. Countless programs made it preferable and more usable by many; it was even utilized for games. But perhaps what won the crowd over was the idea of having a virtual copy of a document. Suddenly there was no need to use liquid eraser for errors or carbon paper for many copies. It was efficient and thus, the public bought it right away.

The data capture feature of the computer is one of those that many found amazing. It gives the user an ability to take information from a recently scanned document for personal or professional usage. It all starts from the scanning process. The document is scanned and then the data is transformed into a file usable to anyone. It becomes a digital copy ready for any alterations or changes necessary. It is especially useful for sudden and urgent changes. For instance if you were handed a file typed by someone else and you found it unfit for delivery, you can scan it and edit whatever seems to be off about it.

Data capture gave way to whole new dimension in document management. Now carbon paper is not necessary to produce copies of a document. Just scan the document, capture the data, tweak whatever needs to be changed and print it in bulk. It’s easy and it saves a lot of time. You can send it through email for faster distribution. Imagine in an office setting where a new memo needs to be given out to everyone. You can simply scan and capture the data and print a lot of copies or send it through the office email client. No more sharing of copies and definitely no more employees saying they didn’t get a copy. It can easily transform any office area into an efficient working machine.

Data capture has truly given everyone an advantage over all the unnecessary paperwork in their jobs or personal lives. Now duplication is not a problem anymore. Editing is not a problem anymore. Distribution will not be a problem anymore. Because of this development deadlines will be easier to meet and existing great reputations can be surpassed. It can help enhance a person’s reliability and the power to comply with demanding requests without sacrificing quality. It truly is a life changing innovation.

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