Social media is a great method of connecting people. Whether it be people who know each other in real life or those who are meeting for the first time, the benefit of social media is purely amazing. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and LinkedIn all have the ability to connect complete strangers to each other. Someone who is working with you at Company B can see everyone who recommended you as a great worker and party animal at Company A unless you have your LinkedIn settings set correctly.

The ability to connect with individuals on an individual basis is one of the best parts about social media. However, did you know about the great benefits that it can have for businesses? Just think about the ability to talk to your existing clients/customers for free and meet new ones for free or at an extremely low cost. The ability to grow your business exponentially is very real to owners who take the time to plan out their strategy correctly. The more thinking that is done about a social media account the better the account will flow and the more people who will follow it.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the three accounts that each and every business should have. Make sure to sign up with your businesses brand name if at all possible. The money spent on branding is huge and it would be an extreme shame to lose the ability to brand your business because of a careless mistake. Also, should your brand name be taken by another individual you may be able to claim it back. Contact them and ask for it. Refusing to give it to you, if you hold the copyright is illegal. Just file a complaint with the social media site and they will quickly give you full ownership over the account name that is in question.

Update your social media accounts regularly. There are many businesses who create accounts but then let them sit for months upon months on end. This is not only going to cause loyal customers to forget about your business, but it is going to hurt your brand. Post an update to each and every service at least three times a week, if not more. Connecting with your customers as often as possible should be your goal and replying to the customers whenever they have a question on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube account is one of the easiest methods of improving your customer satisfaction rates.

Having multiple social media accounts on the same service is not only bad, it is showing customers that you are not organizing your business. Attempt to keep your accounts to a minimum unless you have a large strategy to make multiple employees responsible for their own accounts. However, the more accounts that are registered, the more risk of damage to your brand through a simple mistake on an individuals part. Social media is a powerful tool and the Internet is a place that does not often forget what is written upon it, even if deleted from the social media site!

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