When any one think about beautiful sea and sites then Goa blink in mind. It is beautiful state of India which is situated at the south west region of the country. Goa has blessed with several attractions and beaches which fascinates tourists. It is also considered as the ‘Queen of Beaches’. It is not very easy to define the beauty of this place. Goa is popular for its charming beaches where every tourist may likely to visit. There are numerous beaches in this place which makes it unique and more beautiful.

Beside these beaches this place is also popular for ancient temples and marvelous churches which show the strong relationship between different cultures.

Goa Beach Tours offers best opportunity to tourists to visit numerous and beautiful beaches of this city. Palolem, Anjuna, Arambol, Benaulim and Colva and Candolim are the finest and popular beaches of this city. These beautiful beaches get more crowded and busy in every season. People from different parts of the country visit to this place.

These beautiful beaches can be categorized into two parts that is beaches in north and beaches in south. The beaches of these two regions have different characters. The beaches of Goa in the north are the more popular ones and host a lot of parties and carnivals, while the beaches of south Goa are relatively quieter, and appeal to those looking for relaxed solitude.

Apart with these beautiful beaches Goa Tourism offers you many other beautiful destinations and attractions where you will do more enjoy and can make your tour remarkable. Alorna Fort, Amthane Dam, Ancestral Goa Museum, Boca De vaca Spring, Arvalem Caves are some of the beautiful attraction of this beautiful place where tourists may likely to visit.

Alorna Fort

This beautiful fort is located in the village Alorna which is about 30 km away from Mapusa built in seventeenth century. However this fort is presently in a dilapidated condition but it is a beautiful site to explore as it is perched on the banks of the river Chapora as it flows peacefully towards Colvale.

Amthane Dam

Amthane Dam is very popular in this city and lies in the splendid location approximately 20 km away from Mapusa however it is not yet very developed for the tourists and picnickers but it a food enough place for relax. There is also the facility of eco resort here who wishes to sphere their time.

Ancestral Museum

Ancestral Museum is one of the popular attractions of this place which attract the tourists in a great extent. This museum is located in a small village of Loutolim which is about 25 km from Panaji. This museum is also known by big foot which is privately run by artist Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares. The open-air museum recreates Goa rural life as it was a hundred years ago.

Goa Trip is increasingly getting popular day by day and it has become the prime destination of domestic as well as the foreigner tourists.Goa Trips have increasingly gained importance in the overall tourism scenario of India.

It is not popular only because of its beauty and attractions but also appreciated for its well infrastructure which takes care of tourists. So be here with your family and beloved and make your tour endless and remarkable.

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