Keeping in shape is great! There's no better feeling than knowing that your body is in a perfect condition and ready to face anything the world throws at it. But most people however find too many reasons why they can't start jogging or do any other sports that would help them get in shape. I find it hard to believe that with even the busiest lifestyle one can have, you can't find a few hours every week for yourself and for your body.

I'm not a motivational coach and if you're not interested even the slightest, then I can't convince you to do it. But if you're thinking that it may be time to start being more active and all you need is just a little push, then I can quickly find ten reasons that will convince you to get started today.

There are many sports you can engage in, but the easiest is by far jogging. Here's why it's good for you:

1. Jogging will improve your health. No question about it, this is the main reason people get into jogging. Keeping the heart pumping and the blood running will improve the circulation and you'll also keep your lungs in a great condition. The overall immunity of your body will increase ten fold. Since I started running and being more active in general, I never got so much as a cold or a headache.

2. Running in the morning is a great way to start the day. Much better than a cup a coffee. A couple of miles in the fresh morning air will wake you up and will pump the blood throughout your body and all you'll need after it will be a nice cool shower that will set you up for the day.

3. You'll be out in the parks more often. I bet you don't spend as much time in the parks as you'd like to. Well, this is your chance to do it and discover hidden places in your neighborhood that you never imagined existed before. You'll be surprised of how many beautiful secluded spots exist right in close proximity to your home.

4. You'll run into interesting people that enjoy the same passion for running and staying healthy as you do. It is most likely that you'll make some new acquaintances and expand your social circle fast and, because of your enthusiasm, you'll probably convince some of your own friends to join you and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

5. Jogging is a great cardio exercise. Most people use the machines in the gym before or after their workout to keep the heart pumping powerfully and burn the fats. That great, but if the weather is great, why not take it outside? Go out and do your cardio in a park close to the gym and you'll get a much better result because you'll have fresh air, you'll catch some sun and you'll be out in the real world.

6. You'll stay in shape and loose more than just a few pounds. You can diet all you want and you will get results, but if you don't change to a more active lifestyle where you do some sports regularly, the loss of weight will only be for a short wile.

7. You'll get more interested in an overall healthy lifestyle. You'll find yourself researching ways to improve your diet, you'll start noticing healthy vs. not so healthy activities that you do in a normal day and you'll look for ways to change them.

8. Jogging regularly, you'll see how the places change week after week, month after month. You'll be watching your city transform itself over time and you will feel more involved in the process. You'll even feel the urge to volunteer for a project to do something to make your neighborhood more beautiful.

9. To improve your performance, you'll consider quitting smoking. It is proven that smoking does affect your lung capacity and it makes it harder to run for longer distances. I have friends who want to keep up with me when running, but can't because they can't get enough oxygen to burn. They're not quite convinced to stop smoking yet, but they are thinking about it.

10. With all the jogging equipment you can find today, your running experience will be easier than you ever imagined and you'll be able to track every aspect you want, from the speed and calories consumed to the number of heartbeats and your level of sweating. With the wide range of sneakers designed to meet each requirement that a runner can ask for, you'll not only run easily, you'll feel like flying.

And these are just a few quick reasons from the top of my mind I came up with in a short five minutes. If I were to get more in depth about it, I could even come up with scientific and biological reasons for it, but I think I've made my point. Jogging is the simplest thing one can do to stay in shape and you should start today and improve your life.

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