When you make the choice to get away on a ski vacation to Breckenridge or one of the other top ski destinations, you’re going to have to decide on where to stay. In some places, there seems to be as many places to stay, as there are types of skis. Vacation rentals at ski resorts typically include hotels, condos, lodges, apartments and other accommodations.

When you get to that point in your decision-making, it’s a good idea to keep a few thoughts in mind as you move toward a decision. If you really love to ski, just having access to the hill at all may suffice, but if you want to have the best possible trip for you, ask a few questions and figure a few things out before you decide.

Before you figure anything out, you’ll have to determine what type of budget you’re working with. Condos, lodges, hotel rooms and other vacation rentals may have vastly different prices, depending on the size and where they are located in proximity to the ski hill. A ski in ski out condo in a nice ski resort will cost you more than a small hotel room five miles away. Just try to keep in mind that you’re there to ski, and as such it’s wise to stay within your room budget. Once you’re able to figure out your price range, you can start narrowing down the choices. Many ski resorts will have prices listed on their websites, but you can also call to talk it over if you’d prefer.

Personal preference is another factor in choosing accommodations for ski vacations. Some people prefer condos, some prefer lodges and others prefer apartments or hotel rooms. Try to get as much information as you can about all the different lodgings, so you’ll be best informed when it comes time to make a decision. Try to envision what you think a typical day will be like while you’re on your ski vacation. If you notice any issues as you imagine the day, bring them up see if the resort can offer you a solution. Some people may require a kitchen to cook meals, while someone else may feel it just gets in the way. Everyone has a slightly different agenda and different reason for going, which is why it’s good to ask questions and find accommodations that are best for you.

Although lodgings aren’t what you went on a ski vacation for in the first place, they can make your time on the hill a lot more enjoyable. Spending entire days out in the cold skiing can really drain your energy and cause sore muscles. Knowing that you can go back to condos or lodges or hotel rooms that you find comfortable will make it all worthwhile. You’ll need time to recharge after entire days of skiing. Let your vacation rentals become a part of your ski vacations, so you’re well rested and ready to hit the slopes each and everyday.

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