The cycle computer used to be something confined to fitness clubs and health spas.

If you wanted to know your true results, such as how many calories were burned or what your heart rate was during a particular interval, it had to be from the back of a stationary bike. The idea of getting out into Mother Nature and enjoying the scenery while you exercise was something that would have to wait, at least if you wanted to keep an eye on your vitals. Well, with the advent of the wireless cycle computer, that wait is over.

Many health enthusiasts are moving to the wireless cycle computer because they don't like the mental roadblocks that go along with exerting so much effort but remaining in one place. It can be frustrating when the calories pile up and the heart rate escalates to know that with all that movement you haven't gone anywhere. Something happens, however, when you venture out to the open road.

With the wind in your hair, it is easy to forget about the stagnant smell that surrounds you, threatening to choke out your desire to exercise. Without anything to hold you in place, the possibilities are limitless. You don't have to be confined to a preset training interval, nor must you worry about how you stack up to other people. When it's just you and the road, there is nothing to discourage you from going the extra mile.

Wireless technology has evolved to the point that you can get the benefits of monitored training without the limitations of a plug and a socket. The lightweight nature and compact size presents no further obstacles beyond what the surrounding landscape has to offer. Many come equipped with backlights, so you don't have to plan your training around the turn of the sun.

Finding the right choice encompasses locating all of the previously mentioned features and making sure that the product will fit the size of your bike. Higher quality wireless cycle computers take the guess work out of it for you by covering a wide range of tire sizes, anywhere from 12 inches to just over 2 feet. Easy mounting technology is also an attractive addition that will allow you to install and hit the trail within minutes of tearing yours out of the package.

A cycle computer is only as good as the person using it, so keep in mind that whether or not you get your money's worth ultimately depends on your dedication to the trails in the first place. But when you are committed to working out and staying in shape, these products give you the tools to have confidence in your development, which leads to proven results.

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