Every field is not progressing but is rapidly evolving in terms of profession. Transcription was either done or outsourced but there are ways which are devised through which they can do the transcription themselves.

Transcription softwares are the ones that have eased the entire process to a very great extent. The softwares are installed in the systems and the transcriptionists evaluate the report being transcribed. With them the productivity of the transcriptionists increases and also the quality of their work. Much easier it makes for the companies to administrate their business at a faster rate.

Audio transcription is one other benefit that is recently evolved. Audio transcription is the transforming of the audio speeches into text format or vice versa. The files are in the form of MP3 or AU. They are very useful for conferences, seminars, meetings, talk shows, Radio broadcasts etc. The reports here are given to the clients in the form of CDs which is the written matter transcribed of audio speech. These kinds of transcription services are used by the media on rise, public relations companies, publishing companies, law firms and academic institutions that need speech transcribed to text at constant. Audio scripts are required for legal purposes also. In fact, with visual impaired people this is a very good and reliable option.

Along with audio your other transcription needs can be satisfied online also. But there are many hazards to it. It is a service done without seeing any boundaries. It breaks the entire national, cultural and the lingual barriers. In online transcription they do not compromise with quality people, educational proficiency and information safekeeping. The best of the experts and the technologies such as voice recognition are used to increase productivity and reduce cost and the data reliability and security are given most importance. There are contracts signed between companies for transcription services, where the laws of the respective countries are also incorporated.

In the Online Transcription software, when it comes to file transfer, those companies offer both FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and browser-based options. They use 256 bit AES encryption for the secured transfer of files. The security is a big issue in the online process of transcription. There are chances of the highly confidential information getting hacked or stolen since the web i.e. the internet is a very vulnerable place. To avoid this, there are precautions taken like the transcription companies who offer services online get regular technical evaluations done. They also train their experts regarding the privacy, confidentiality and the security of the relevant important information they deal with.

Many big companies like the Vee technologies, ORRA have been giving their services since many years and have been well set in the transcription field for the medical segment. With medical transcription, doctors can easily treat more patients since they have quick turn-around and they can refer to the patients report again if required with the technology used. All such reasons and the Transcription software play a huge role in the efficiency of many field outputs.

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