Mild Arthritis can be tackled by topical remedies. If you do not take oral medication then a topical pain reliever is right for you! All you have to do is rub a lotion or cream on the troublesome spot and your pain will be relieved in minutes.

Topicals are based on 3 main active ingredients. The first is capsaicin, this substance is found in hot peppers it works by blocking pain signals to the brain. This product lowers your level of substance P (the substance that relays pain impulses). You need to apply this type of cream a few times a day for a few weeks to see results.

Next is counter irritants, these substances are able to relieve pain telling the body to feel coolness or hotness instead of pain. This distracts the joint pain and you are left with temporary relief. These products may cause a slight redness and usually works the best on joints that are near the surface of your skin, such as elbows, fingers, ankles and knees.

Last is salicylates and this works by decreasing the pain and inflammation. This substance is almost like an aspirin that you rub on your skin. If you are allergic to aspirin make sure you check for a topical without salicylates.

Make sure you wash your hands before you apply any type of medication to relieve pain. If your skin is cut or broken avoid contact with that area it will burn. Also make sure you always avoid contact with open areas such as mouth, eyes, and nose. If you enjoy working about do not apply arthritis cream before you exercise because if you perspire your body will absorb too much of the substance into your blood stream.

Arthritis is a disorder of the joints; its main feature is inflammation. Joints are used to move your body parts. There are many types of arthritis. Some have little pain and other can be so excruciating you can not even move your joints without medication.

About 350 million people have some form of arthritis. These people range from men to women and children to elderly. There are over 100 types of arthritis. The symptoms can expand from just the joints to health problems as well. You can have weight loss, fatigue, fevers, and glad swelling. Symptoms associated with just the joint can be stiffness, swelling, warmth, or redness.

Women are more likely to have arthritis than men. About 60 percent of the people who have arthritis are under 65. It is very important that you catch and treat arthritis at an early stage. You need to see a doctor as soon as you feel your joints are hurting for no reason. If you attack this problem at an early stage you are more likely to create a treatment plan and not have the pains that you would later.

Help relieve your pain with this awesome topical product called Painful Joints. This product targets arthritis patients and instantly removes pain. Treat your arthritis early and avoid future pain.

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