Wouldn't you agree that above all else - above wealth, above fame, above having and holding material possessions - what you and I are really looking for is happiness? What's money, wealth, fame, or material possessions if you are NOT happy? They are as nothing. So how does one learn how to be happy?

Love Yourself First

This is not a cliche - this is fact. If you want to be happy, learn to love yourself first. So what does loving yourself mean? If you are a parent, you know that special love you feel for your child? That's the love you give to yourself as well.

More often than not we are incredibly hard on ourselves, unless you're one of those out of control ego-maniacs, you have a critic living inside of you, and your inner child is being held hostage by its rantings.

As A Little Child

Jesus even mentioned this - getting in touch with your inner child is important because the longer you are here on planet earth, the older you are, the more distant you are from this child. Do you remember the childlike abandon in play? When was the last time you felt like that?

The inner child has been wounded by your caretakers, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not, and by what life has delivered to your doorstep. But, if you're willing you can get back in touch with that inner child and free it you can begin living a life of pure and utter joy.

Honor Yourself - How to Be Happy

Learn to honor yourself - this is important if you want to be happy. Honor your feelings and don't repress them. This doesn't mean you constantly spout your feelings to the world. But between you and you - honor how you feel, sit with your feelings, breathe through them, feel them. Most of the time if you just let them be, breathe through them, they will dissipate. The inner child responds to its environment through feelings and when you suppress your feelings, you are keeping your inner child from healing.

Once you give voice to your inner child and your feelings, and begin loving yourself in spite of them, because of them or just plain anyway, a freedom begins to grow in you that is unlike anything you've experienced in a long time.

Now Share That Love With Others

Once this love blossoms within you, it can't help but spill over. Sharing your love with others not only brightens their day, but brightens yours as well. This is another way you can learn how to be happy.

If you find yourself "hurt" by what someone has said to you, try asking yourself why. When you delve down into the feelings, you'll understand that you're hurt because of something you believe about yourself, not necessarily what the person outside of you is saying. When you find a nugget like this grab it with both hands, and hug it to you tightly because you've been given an incredible gift: an opportunity to heal another "hole" inside of you.

When it comes right down to it, the world could use more people who've learned to embrace their inner child, turned off the voice of that inner critic, and loved themselves into happiness.

Happiness breeds happiness.

If you've often wondered how to be happy, but don't know the exact steps to get there, try giving yourself a gift. The gift is called the Prosperity Tribe and every month there are three incredible hour-long coaching calls that include focused energy meditations and teachings. You get a whole lot more with added videos and forum interactions.

This program works at the energetic level to help you move beyond whatever it is that limits you. Visit How To Be Happy to find out more now. And while you're there pick up your free copy (no strings attached) of How to Attract Love.
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