IT organizations are under increasing demand to increase the ability of the business to synchronize and innovate, to reduce the costs. Legacy modernization is a real opportunity or these goals to be achieved. To attain these, the organization needs to strategies and to take full advantage of up-coming advances in platform and software innovations, while leveraging the investment that has been made in the business processes within the legacy environment. To make good choices for a specific roadmap to modernization, the decision makers should work to have a good understanding of what these modernization options are, and now how to get there.

There are five prime approaches to legacy modernization – as

The first one is re-architecting to a new environment, second is SOA integration and enablement, third is replatforming through re hosting and automated migration, fourth is replacement with COTS solutions, and lastly fifth one data modernization.

There are number of ways that a legacy migration process gives an advantage to your organization. It can be – cutting costs associated with legacy systems maintance, with eradicating worry over inadequate vendor support for older technology, ensuring access to skilled resources capable of maintain a more modern system, reducing the risk of lost productivity and data from system disruptions. Boosting application and platform capacity. Enhances the effectiveness of your data and utilizes it, strengthens your capability to respond quickly to market opportunities, legacy migration maximizes the security and keeps it away from the hackers and optimizes infrastructure and efficiency, following a merger or acquisition.

Now what is legacy understanding – once you have actually identified the business drives, your first step is to understand, what you had before, before the modernization process takes place. Legacy environments are very complex and quite often have little r no current do[censored] entation. This introduces a concept of analysis and discovery that is valuable for any modernization technique.

Here are some of the vital considerations for maximizing the re use by extracting business rules from legacy modernization application – like

Abolish dead code, environmental specifics, resolve mutually exclusive logic.

Identify key input/output data (parameters, screen input , DB and file records ),

occupy a data dictionary specific to application / industry context,

Identify and tag rules based on transactions types and key data , policy parameters , key results(output data),

Separate rules into tracking repository.

Combine automation and human review to track relations, eradicate redundancies, classify and consolidate add annotation.

When you seek any solution, you will look for a partner that will provide you with his moving capabilities, applications and security. One who adept at working with both your existing technology and the target environment. Who operates at a very high level to ensure confidence in processes and methodology and who will deliver your solution with sufficient do[censored] entations to ensure operational continuity.

Modernization with , the method leverages the years of speculation in the legacy code base, it is much costly and less risky than starting a new application from ground zero .

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