Gorging on delicious lip-smacking food is a pleasure. But when these delicacies translate in to fat, your will-power will be tested to the hilt as you try to burn those calories. However, you can simplify the process by following some simple tips.

1. Set simple goals: It you have a problem building up will-power to lose weight, herculean goals will only discourage you further. They will make you think about how far you have to go and how hard you have to work in order to get there. Ultimately, you will give up. Instead aim for simple fitness goals. Allot weakly deadlines. In the first week, aim to keep away from too much of greasy food. A week lasts for just seven days. With your deadline in view, the pressure of giving up a dish that you love will not weigh heavily on your mind. You will find it easy to achieve such goals. After the week is up, repeat the process. Don't give a sigh of relief and start gorging on those forbidden foods again.

2. Keep away from temptations: Until you get used to resisting fatty foods, stay away from them. Don't pile up your refrigerator with high calorie food and try not to eat them. That will never work. Instead, bring such foods in very little quantities once a week. Pile up your fridge with fresh fruits, tasty salads, and boiled chicken and skimmed milk products. These are tasty, filling and healthy.

3. Find an inspiration: Finding an inspiration or a role model will help you motivate yourself. Read about people who have overcome weight issues. Think about how they were able to resist temptations and get that killer figure. Convince yourself that if they could, you can too. Pin up posters of people who are slim and trim, preferably next to your mirror. Everyday, when you look at yourself in the mirror and then you look at them, you will want to lose weight. They will be a constant source of inspiration for you.

4. Choose interesting exercises: Many people suffer from the "early morning syndrome". They find it hard to wake up early in the morning to exercise. If your workout routine is dull and uninteresting, you will not be able to build up the will power to get out of your cosy bed. Look for a fitness regime that you will look forward to every morning. You can make it interesting by forming a group or taking up sports that you love.

5. Allow yourself some perks: Remember when you were a kid and your parents gave you little presents and brownie points when you completed a task? If your will power is low, then its time to apply your childhood habit in you adult life as well. Promise yourself little treats in exchange of following your weekly diet and fitness plan religiously. Think about things that you have been wanting to do but have been putting them away - maybe a movie that you have been wanting to watch, visiting friends or a good body massage. Set these things as your rewards. This will give you the required motivation.

Meditation and activities which improve concentration are a great help in building up will power. So, make up your mind and go burn those calories.

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