Backlinks are links that are directed to your website, which have become extremely important in the scope of Search Engine Optimization. The number of such links is a good indicator of the popularity of your websites, and search engines such as Google will accredit the webpages with higher quality links as these will be considered as more important than other pages in the search query.

When calculating the relevance of a website to a keyword, search engines will consider the amount of quality inbound links to the site. Thus, it’s not only the number of inbound links, but the quality of the link is equally as important. The content of the webpage is considered in order to determine the quality of a link, hence when inbound links come from other websites that have content that is related to your site, these inbound links are considered to have a higher relevance. Likewise, if inbound links on the webpages are found to have unrelated content, they are considered as less relevant to your site.

When beginning to backlink, it’s helpful to keep track of the links and also the sites that are linking back to your site. The Domain Stats Tool is very useful for tracking, as it displays the links of a domain in Google, Yahoo and MSN as well as telling you other details about the website. The Builder Tool is also a very beneficial tool as it searches for other webpages that have a related theme to your website, and for those that are likely to add your link to their website. The tool seeks out your particular keywords or phrases on related webpages, which allows you to simplify your linking effort and helps you to create good quality links to your site, whilst also making the whole process much easier and more efficient.

Search engines want websites to have a level playing field, and look for natural links built slowly over time. It is easy to manipulate links on a web page to try to achieve a higher ranking, it is a lot harder to influence a search engine with external backlinks from other websites. This is also a reason why backlinks factor in so highly into a search engine's algorithm. Lately, however, a search engine's criteria for quality inbound links has gotten even tougher, thanks to unscrupulous webmasters trying to achieve these inbound links by deceptive or sneaky techniques, such as with hidden links. These pages are called link farms, and they are not only disregarded by search engines, but linking to a link farm could get your site banned entirely.

Anchor text is also another way in which you can gain quality links to your site. A quality anchor text is when a link incorporates a keyword into the text of the hyperlink, which is a far better way to utilize a hyperlink as it increases the chance of a visitor clicking on the anchored link. The Anchor Text Analysis Tool is useful in aiding you to find your links and which texts are being used to link to your site. Thus, it’s important to become familiar with backlinks, the way in which you can utilize them and how it can really improve your webpage.

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