Many law-abiding citizens may be surprised that they have to call in a criminal defense lawyer. Here are some reasons why.

A criminal defense lawyer may be the last person certain individuals might imagine they would need. An average Joe citizen may be a respectable, hard working individual. His wife, average Jane, might be the president of the P.T.A. and never anticipated having to peruse the yellow pages for legal representation. Unfortunately, sometimes events shift in unexpected ways and suddenly we find ourselves needing to be defended in court. Here are some reasons why.


One of the most common reasons that Joe or Jane might suddenly need legal defense is because of a DUI. Even if each is a modest drinker, being charged with driving under the influence may indeed happen. Perhaps there was more vodka in the holiday punch at the office party than they had realized. Even after drinking a couple of mugs of the tasty beverage, each of them decides to drive themselves home. They would never consider themselves to be "drunk," even if they were giggling like ninnies. Unfortunately, the arresting officer and Breathalyzer test would say otherwise. Time to call in the attorney.

Information withheld on Bankruptcy Paperwork

Times are tough financially and even the most respectable citizens may have to file for bankruptcy. When Joe and Jane forgot to tell their attorneys about inheritances that each had recently received, it was considered fraud by the courts. Lapses in memory necessitate legal representation.

Shoplifting, Me?

With a million things on her mind, Jane accidentally stuck a pound of hamburger into her purse while checking items off on her grocery list. She didn't even remember doing it, but the security camera caught it on tape. Her cell phone had rung; she answered it while scanning meats. When she hung up, she put the burger in her purse and the phone in her shopping cart. Will the judge believe her side of the story? She needs a good defender to be at her side when she faces the judge.

Teenager Acting Out

Joe's son, Joe Junior, was always quiet and sensitive. Since entering high school, the boy had been hanging around with a wild crowd. Junior was attending a party that was busted by the police for drugs and underage drinking. Even though Joe's son was sober during the raid, he was still charged and now needs legal defense. Who would have known that this sweet boy would be arrested? It happens.

Unruly Public Conduct

Carrying a picket sign at the local demonstration for the 99% got a bit out of hand. The police arrived with tear gas and bully clubs. Lo and behold, average Jane ended up in a holding cell with a bunch of other middle-aged, decent town folk. She needs a criminal defense lawyer and fast.

Many people like Joe and Jane live their lives quite responsibly. Then one day it happens - an absent minded mistake, being in the wrong place at the wrong time or not checking the alcohol content of the holiday party brew can lead to criminal charges. A criminal defense lawyer will need to be called in.

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