Etizolam is one of the research chemicals and it is being widely used by people engaged in research activities and research studies. It falls under the category of thienodiazepine drugs and it is available for use by research organizations either in powdered form or pellet form. It is used as medicine as well due to the best health benefits associated with this chemical.

Patients with problems like anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks are offered with medicines containing this chemical. Research professionals say that the effect of this drug is similar to that of the effect of benzodiazepine drug family. As of 2011, its usage is restricted in the United States by the country's Food and Drug Administration. But, there is no restriction for its usage in other countries. In the country of Italy, it is called by its trade name Depas and in Japan, it is called by several names like Eticalm, Sedekopan and Capsafe.

It is restricted in some nations since it is known to offer moderate and mild side-effects based on the dosage given for particular conditions. The most commonly known side-effect of this chemical is that the consumer will feel sleepy even during day-time. However, this side-effect can be seen only when overdose is given and it is better to ensure that the medicine is given only according to the health condition of the patient. Also, it is recommended that once a patient is given this chemical, it should not be stopped all of a sudden and it can be reduced slowly by reducing the dosage. This is because sudden stopping might cause severe withdrawal symptoms that might require even hospitalization.

Some people with sleepless nights for several weeks together are prescribed medicines with this chemical since it belongs to benzodiazepine family. The chemicals belonging to this family are known to induce quick sleep so that patients with sleep disorder can get a complete rest. However, they are prescribed only for a day or two and not continuously.

Since, the chemical has certain side-effects; it cannot be easily purchased and even research organizations that need Etizolam can purchase them online from some of the best companies offering them on sale. There are professional firms that offer only the best lab tested research chemicals. Since these companies possess the right kind of scientific knowledge about the industry and due to their great contacts, they are in a position to offer good quality research chemicals online for sales.

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