Since the very beginning of the human race there have been healers. Throughout the centuries every culture around the world has formulated its own form of medicine and practices to cure the ills of its people. Traditional Chinese Medicine for example, focuses not on specific physical body parts, but instead on the purpose and function of those parts. Many people hold to the belief that these time-honored and indigenous practices have no place in a modern society with its technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs. The simple fact remains though, that a large percentage of people around the world have no access to modern medicine. They rely solely on ancient healing techniques to keep themselves and their families healthy. Is it possible that our modern society has become so advanced that we have lost touch with some of the most basic and simple healing practices in favor of over-medicating our bodies into submission?

Going Back to our Roots

Like the Chinese, the Native Americans have long held to the belief that the spirit is an absolutely essential part of the whole of the human being and is therefore a necessary ingredient in its overall health and well being. Spirituality has been a key part of the healing process throughout most of history; it is only in these “modern” times that society has pushed it aside as secondary and unnecessary. In fact, Native American spiritual practices were banned in the United States and until the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed in 1978, people were threatened with incarceration if they were to even be caught in attendance at a healing ceremony. The example of the Native Americans is not the only such instance of a society turning its back on its very roots. The Chinese acted in a similar fashion, banning the use of Classical Chinese Medicine for well over thirty years until the 1960s.

Old v/s New

While modern science has indeed made great strides in many ways toward repairing and healing the human body and has even embraced a great many schools of thought when it comes to issues of the human mind, it has yet to fully accept that there is indeed a real connection between the two. Mind and body are treated as separate entities instead of parts of the whole. The common bond shared among centuries old wisdom around the globe has been put aside and scientific fact has been put in its place.

Today, the practice of such things as meditation, yoga, traditional native healing, Sufi Healing and Chinese medicine have found sanctuary under the broad-spectrum umbrella of Holistic Medicine. The healing methods of the Buddhists, Shamans and others are finding their way back into a society who hungers for answers they are not receiving from modern scientific research. Still, finding reputable and well trained practitioners can be a challenge in today’s civilized cultures.

Holistic Solutions through DVDs

The Center for Healing Arts is an organization that was created to help individuals who are looking for something that modern medicine does not give them – specifically an opportunity to learn and work toward mending the mind, body and spirit and realizing that they are all integral parts of what make us a whole and healthy being. Through a subscription based educational program, the Center offers DVDs on a variety of holistic healing practices ranging from Yogic Healing and Sufi Healing to Shamanism and Kabbalistic healing. The programs are taught and facilitated by renowned experts in their fields and provided to subscribers every other month for them to view and practice in the privacy of their own homes. Through their online community, subscribers can find like minded seekers and practitioners from around the world to share information and support with.

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