Nowadays there are various therapy systems for erectile dysfunction problem, such as by applying the vacuum erection device, penis pump, or by injecting the hormone. The application on vacuum erection device and penis pump are very popular to men, due to its easy practice, affordable price, no risk, no pain, and applicable at anytime possible. These devices also come handy and portable, so they are transportable everywhere without any indication on public expose. The hormone injection is less popular due to some concerns on its side effect and painful application. However, this injection helps the preventive action and is clinically proven.

The best sport ever:

The vacuum therapy system is applicable whenever and wherever possible. The regular implementation of this system will practice the blood to run properly to avoid any damage vessels, as well as to maintain their nervous system to function at its maximum capacity. To elderly people, sexual intercourse is also important to practice their motorist system and maintain its stability. The sexual activity is believed to be the best cardiac sport ever. During this activity, the heart will beat faster and work harder which are good for the body. That is why the sexual intercourse is a high recommended activity for all couples, especially elderly.

For men with the erectile dysfunction problem, the vacuum therapy system will help much. This system boosts the blood distribution to their penis to enable them committing their basic need which is sexual intercourse. Committing sexual intercourse activates the whole body system especially heart, brain, and lungs. Conducted studies discovered that sexual intercourse maintain stamina and upgrade people’s health.

Sensor Program:

There are many elements included during sexual intercourse, such as motion, feeling, mind, body system, and confidence. During that activity, all of the body system will give some response this will then lead to flowing blood throughout the veins, and later ignite the sensor program integrated in the body.

This sensor program is ignited responding to the senses resulted from sexual intercourse. When the vacuum erection device is applied, the first respond released by our body is the anticipation feeling. To some people, they will grow goose bumps seen on the exposed skin. That’s the first ignited sensor. This is evidence that the brain still functions properly. The second sensor is the sweating which gradually forms out of the body as a proof that the heart is working well. Third sensor is the deep breathing as a result that lungs are still functioning as well. If the motorist and nervous systems still work properly, the body will respond on the erection.

Side Effects:

For the erectile dysfunction patients, the latter will not perform well. It is important to patiently wait until the penis is fully erected before releasing the vacuum device. The vacuum therapy system works on different length of time based on each people’s stamina. Some people may need longer time, so it is important to ensure that this system is implemented thoroughly.

The failure on the system implementation may affect mentally, by lowering down the self confidence. This will lead further to severe erectile dysfunction. On some cases, this failure leads to fatal courses like mental disorder, suicidal attempts, and psychological disturbed. To avoid such effects, deep discussion and open-up conversation between the couples are highly recommended. This helps to understand more, which will augment the comfort factor on each other. The comfortable situation is also a therapy to elevate the performance quality during the intimacy session. Gaining respect and trust is the key to this session. The vacuum therapy system is only a supporting element; the main element is inside each others mind.

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