Nothing is more frustrating that purchasing products for your employees that they never use!

Promotional conference folders can be a sound investment of company money, unless your employees don't use them. It comes down to need, function, design, and accessibility. If you cover these four points, your employees should be more willing to actually make the most of your money and use the promotional conference folders you buy!

First comes need. If your employees rarely attend conferences, you may find that the promotional conference folders that you've bought get little use. But what about employees that do attend a number of conferences every year? Why would they choose to not use the folders? One reasons is the need at the specific conferences. If your employees attend in order to take notes at speaking events, promotional conference folders will come in handy. However, if your employees simply walk around to see new products and collect promotional products from other businesses, a promotional conference folder may be unnecessary, and they'll leave them at home so they don't have to carry them. Talk to your employees about their specific roles at conferences, as well as their potential use of conference folders, before you purchase.

Function is also very important. A promotional conference folder that doesn't include paper may not be very handy! On the other hand, too many pockets and other features, like a calculator or clock, may make the folder very heavy. Conferences involve a lot of walking in most cases, so attendees, including your employees, want to avoid carrying too much during the day. Get input from your employees before you order to make sure that they will actually carry the folders.

You can also get input on the design of the promotional conference folders you purchase. There are folders available in a number of price ranges. Of course, you may not be able to afford the leather folders embossed with your name and logo, but you can at least give your employees choices. They won't carry folders that they think are not attractive. Tie-dyed designs may seem cute to you, but in a business setting, your employees may opt for their own more professional looking folders instead. It's a good idea to give your employees a few simple options, such as brown or black. You can also consider purchasing a promotional conference folder for each employee. Allow them to choose color and design as long as they stay within a specific price range.

Lastly, make sure that your promotional conference folders are kept in a place where employees will be able to easily access them as well as remember that they can be used. Keeping them hidden in a closet in your office might cause them to collect dust, especially if you aren't always available at the office to unlock the door. Keep the folders in a place where everyone can access them, and remind employees to use them whenever possible. Promotional conference folders can really help you promote your business, if you can actually get your employees to use them!

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