There have been numerous instances during movies where the services of a voice actor have been required. This is the concept of voice over. Also referred to as off camera or off stage commentary it is a production technique where a voice, which is not a part of the narrative, is used. It has proved its utility in radio, television, film making or even in theatre. It is spoken by someone who appears elsewhere. At times the voice can also be prerecorded. This is a system, which has proved its worth in television shows of The Discovery Channel. Now if there is a requirement for such a service one can always seek professional help.

There is no dearth of firms providing the service of a voice over artist. Since, most of them have online presence establishing contact with them is hardly an issue to ponder over. However, before choosing the perfect artist for voiceover there are some issues, which need attention. It is extremely important that the concerned artist must be fluent in that language. He/she should also be versatile enough to match the lip sync, tone and pauses. It must synchronize with the gesture of the body language of the character.

These are some of the basic features one may look up to while selecting an artist. Now to look at things from a different prospective this is a profession, which offers a huge exciting career. Whether it is a male voice over or a female one there are enough opportunities. However, other than language clarity there are other areas where as a prospective applicant one can work upon. Clarity of voice, accent, and dialogue delivery are certain areas, which must be looked into. Matching dialogue according to the original time scale is also important. This is important in animation films and Muppet dubbings. All this suggests that is a professional's job and one requires a bit of training.

There are many firms who are ready to provide that bit of training on voice over's. Here they will train the candidate thoroughly and work on his/her ability to modulate and give the voice that bit variation. Here the idea is to bring out the character through the voice and hence perfect training is required. Therefore, while there may be plenty of firms providing training it is important to opt for the well reputed names. They have delivered results and can be trusted to do it again. Therefore, if there are plans to be a voice artist it is great but a bit of training is required for perfection.
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