It has been weeks since you’ve last gone fishing. You promised your boss that you‘d put in extra work in exchange for an extra day off so that you could enjoy a whole weekend of rest and relaxation in the sea. You have the gentle waves, the salt spray, and nothing but you and the open sea. Of course, you also have your Shimano Tyrnos. You want to make sure that this weekend will be the perfect weekend to catch that big one. With the Tyrnos on hand, you definitely do not have anything to worry about. If you plan to go offshore fishing, then the Shimano Tyrnos is the ideal Shimano Reel to use.

What Makes Up a Tyrnos?

The Shimano Tyrnos is among the most recent addition to the growing portfolio of Shimano Reels. In comparison to the other Shimano Reels available, the Shimano Tyrnos is known to combine most of the key elements found in other popular Shimano Reels. Just like the Shimano Tiagra, the Shimano Tyrnos is made up of an aluminum frame. It also has graphite sideplates that are known trademarks of the Shimano TLD. Combining them in the Tyrnos allows it to be durable and lightweight, which is advantageous when going offshore fishing. The drag lever for the Shimano Tyrnos is built in such a way that it decreases or possibly eliminates the lever movement caused by the boat’s motor vibration. It also has a push button system that allows you to adjust the range and pressure on the line. You can switch from full to strike or any pressure between them according to what you would need. The Shimano Tyrnos also replicates the functional power handles found in other Shimano Reels such as the Tiagra, Trinidad, and the Torsa. The handle allows for power gripping and prevents you from slipping as well as increased torque. Similar to the Shimano Reels available in the market today, the Shimano Tyrnos contains an aluminum spool, specially designed anti-corrosive bearings, and the clicker.

Types of Shimano Tyrnos

There are six types of the Shimano Tyrnos available today. These are the TYR 8, TYR 10, TYR 12, TYR 16, TYR 20, and TYR 30. Each of these models has an equivalent line capacity, full and strike maximum drag, and unit weight. Apart from this, the Shimano Tyrnos also has a special Two-Speed model. This model allows you to shift from high to low gear with just the push of a button.

The Shimano Tyrnos is crammed with all sorts of features that will make every fishing enthusiast, beginner, or seasoned professionals love it. Variety and options are important in the world of fishing gears. The right fishing reels should not only be durable and beautiful, but it also has to meet the right criteria. On top of it all, it should make your fishing experience special and something that you will never forget. The Shimano Tyrnos can help you experience all of that.

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