New Zealand and Australia share a lot of cultural similarities because they are adjacent, but you will experience difference in both of them when you visit there. New Zealand offers unique experience, rich in cultural history, memorable landscape, adrenaline pumping adventure sport, and spectacular sightseeing. Whereas, Australia is a South Pacific getaway blessed with friendly people, beautiful beaches and a whole lot of nothing called the outback.

Flight seeing on Celebrity Cruises offers you a breathtaking perspective of the massive landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. If you have three hours or less to spare for an aerial trip, you can go for short flights on helicopters organized by Celebrity Cruise staff that will take you to the more famous parts of the region.

Celebrity Cruise will make the arrangements for you to book helicopter trips while you are on dock either in Australia or New Zealand. You can opt for private flights or go on group deals. A designated tour guide will accompany you on your flightseeing so you will be sure not to miss any significant spots while looking over from the helicopter.

While gliding over Australia, you will be able to view the spectacular colors of the Great Barrier Reef. There is no better way of appreciating the beauty of this region than to view it from above. You will be able to experience the totality of its splendor as you view it thousands of feet from the top.

The region of Queenstown in Australia is also a famous spot for flightseeing. You have to travel to the northwest airport of the town in order to board your helicopter. Queenstown offers a breathtaking landscape view from the air so the effort in going there will definitely be worth it.

Just like Australia, flightseeing has always been considered as one of the best ways to get a panoramic view of the scenic terrain of New Zealand. This country is blessed with a beautiful mix of mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers and fiords. Thus, you can better appreciate the beauty of the country if you will be viewing it as a whole. Celebrity Cruise can arrange for an aerial flightseeing tour over New Zealand while your luxury vessel is docked on its port.

New Zealand’s popular tourist resort towns each have helipads designed to take you on a flightseeing tour across the region. Even if your outing is unplanned, there is a good chance you will be able to book a flight at the last minute since there are a number of trips available at any given day.

Over the South Island of New Zealand, you can see Mt. Cook and the Westland National Parks which both offer a stunning view from the air. It will be best to travel around the region during winter so you can catch a glimpse of the snow-capped summits of Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman.

Flightseeing is a must for every traveler who wants to experience Australia and New Zealand from a unique perspective. Celebrity Cruise will make this possible for you and will take you from your ocean adventure into your flightseeing trip where you will enjoy the view and the blue skies.

If you want something unique and adventurous in a world with lot of excitement choose Australian Celebrity cruises, this cruise line allows you to simply focus on the fun. During New Zealand Celebrity cruise visitors can experience sheltering in an ice cave, braving an Antarctic storm, icy slopes, and many more fun activities.
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