The Goodyear silent armor tire is just one that is built to aid vehicle travel from one place to another, no matter the terrain the vehicle encounters. It is referred to as "silent armor" because, though the tire does not make a sound to alert you of its vehicular defense, it is really "wearing armor" and fighting the land under itself. Silent Armor tires are accompanied by the following capabilities:

An extra layer of tire which is made from Dupont Kevlar provides more tire resistance and lowers gravel noise.

Durawall technology aids your tire walls tolerate cuts of any kind

Tire ridges secure your tires as well as automobile when it comes to rainy, muddy, as well as snowy weather conditions.

A rim protector is supplied to stop curbside damage for your tires.

The goodyear silent armor price ranges any where from $130 to $500. Tire Rack gives its silent armor tires for $130 as well as $139, respectively. Certain silent armor tire sets can cost at least $150, but others would do well to get their tires from a place where they could pay for the latest in tire technology.

Goodyear silent armor reviews are readily available on these technologically advanced tires. One buyer, an oil patch operator, commented that the silent armor tires are good for him because he does hard labor every day. He is actually not kind to his tires and required an excellent that would aid in the load of the weight in his vehicle since he carried items from one place to another. He loved the traction on the tires and has traveled a long distance with the tires still in place. His complaints against the tires are related to comfort and noise.

Yet another customer who lives in Wyoming reasoned that he uses his silent armor tires for some tough dirt terrain and some smooth dirt terrain out West. Whilst the tires work great when dealing with normal weather, they do not do so well in ice, sleet, or mud environment. The Goodyear silent armor in the snow, when average to massive, gathers precipitation on its tires quite fast and gets stuck in the area wherein the vehicle is located. Vehicles have difficulty getting out of medium to deep snow when the silent armor tires are at work. This customer also read many online reviews about how great the silent armor tires are assumed to be. He says that the reports and statements concerning the tires are nothing short of hype about a product that mandates quality money while offering awful results. The next customer heard about how great the silent armor tires were and bought them due to excellent word-of-mouth advertisement. He drove on them for the first time and came to the realization he made a mistake in judgment. His truck wobbles and drives "nervously," although you only notice the wobbling motion on normal roads as well as roads that are not in poor weather conditions.

One more customer said positive things about the traction of his silent armor tires in the snow, but complained about their traction in muddy conditions. One customer praised the silent armor tires for their traction whenever driving in unsafe road conditions. There were virtually no puncture areas in the tire, absolutely no nails that sucked the air out of the tires. Last but not least, another customer bought the tires but found them to have "shimmy" problems. Even when the tires were rotated and balanced with proper weight within the vehicle, they continued to shake.

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