The second stage in spiritual development or the development of spirits in us is the germination or conception stage when the seed of the spirit is being conceived in us, grows within us after it has fertilized the image of God in us.

Again we take comparisons from the physical world. After the seed or sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell in the womb of a woman, conception follows with the production of the zygote and the fetus. In the world of the spirit a similar process occurs. The word of God enters the heart of the person and this word grows in that heart until it is born a spiritual being.

Difference in the Duration of Conception

But there are differences. While physical human conception normally takes around 9 months, spiritual conception can take a longer or shorter time than this.

Just like in the animal world there are different durations of conception so also in the spiritual world the period of conception differs from person to person.

For example, rabbits take only a little more than a month before they give birth to their young after fertilization, cats and dogs take a little more than 2 months. One of the longest is that of the elephant which takes about 22 months before birth.

Three Factors for a Successful Conception

The duration of spiritual conception depends on three things, just as in human conception three things make it successful.

In physical human conception there are three things the woman has to take care of so that the baby conceived in her womb would be successfully born. These three are proper nutrition, proper rest and exercise, and proper mental disposition.

So also in spiritual conception or the conception of the spirit in us three things are necessary to ensure success in the birth of the spirit. The first is proper nutrition also. The word of God in us needs proper food. The word of God in us is nourished by the word outside of us, the reading of God's word. And just as eating contraceptive substances may cause human abortion, so also reading materials that are contrary to God's word may result in spiritual abortion. The word of God is not developed but rejected by the person.

In Matthew 4:4 and Deuteronomy 8:3 the word of God is food for us. Thus, to take the word of God as food means that we read it and think of it as often as possible.

Secondly, the conceiving woman needs proper rest and exercise. So also the person conceiving the spirit of God needs proper rest and exercise. He or she needs to devote time to prayer. When we pray we rest from our work. And prayer is the best exercise for the spirit, because in prayer we converse with God who is the source of all strength.

Thirdly, the conceiving woman needs to have a proper mental disposition. If she always worries or is constantly plagued with problems, the child in her womb will be affected. So also the person conceiving the spirit needs a disposition of trust in God. He/she does not worry or have so many problems. He/she surrenders these to God.

How many months does it take before the spiritual birth occurs? It depends on the person carrying the seed of the spirit. It also depends on the Father of the spirit and on his ministers. He takes care of this spirit conceived in human persons through his ministers.

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