Vegetable gardening should not only be limited to gardening in a large place as you can always plant anywhere by using other things to plant on your vegetables such as containers. Gardening by using containers is a widely accepted practice as it also yields good result and sometimes as good as when you have a plot of land to do your gardening. Most vegetables will do well on containers which is one of the great advantages in gardening.

Deciding on what vegetables to plant is the first concern of gardeners who are using containers as their planting is limited on a small space. There are many vegetables that you can plant separately on a container and you can also plant a combination of vegetables that have the same sun and water requirements or just basically live perfectly with each other.

After you have set your mind on the vegetables that you are planning to grow, you can now start by choosing the type of container you would like to use for your vegetable garden. Pails, buckets, tin cans, baskets, plastic bags and many more can be used in your garden. Basically, you can use anything as your container as long as it has a hole at the bottom which acts as a drainage system for your vegetables. In case the container doesn’t have a hole, be sure to make one to avoid drowning the plant with too much water that got stuck. Plastic containers are good as they are easy to move around as they don’t add more weight to its whole weight.

Although anything can be used as a container, you should be aware that using dark colored containers should be avoided as they tend to absorb heat which can be dangerous to the roots of your vegetables. However this can easily be countered by painting them with a lighter color to prevent too much heat absorption. You should also consider the size of the container that you are going to use. It is better to use bigger containers although smaller ones will do fine in accommodating vegetables with less space requirements.

Watering your plant regularly is also required when planting on a container although they require to be watered more often than do vegetables that are planted on the ground. Wherever you plant, water should always be supplied to your plant as it is vital to their growth. Watering thoroughly helps in strengthening the roots of your vegetables as their roots dig deeper. Expert gardeners advise that watering should be done first thing in the morning especially when the sun is not up yet as you can save water by avoiding evaporation. Although you can always water whenever you want, there is a proper time when you need to water your vegetables.

Lastly, don’t forget the soil you will be using and make sure that it has the right amount of nutrients required for your vegetables to grow healthy. Always run a soil test before using the soil. You can always slowly add fertilizers in your container garden to add nutrients to your soil.

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