Chinese products have always been a special section in our everyday markets. Electronic gadgets and machines are the most popular “made in China” products that dominate our consumer markets. Machinery and industrial equipments made in China have a huge chain of suppliers that connects buyers from different corners of the earth. These products include genuine as well as duplicate or pirated ones. In the recent times there has been quite a few issues regarding unauthentic Chinese molding equipments exported to some of the developed nations.

Molding industry is a huge business in China and there are hundreds of big and small units manufacturing different types of molds. Most of this mold making companies deals with a wide range of plastic components molding equipments. These are molds made from different alloys or metals. They are used to make plastic objects, tiny plastic parts and components that are further used in making other finished products.

Chinese molding companies take orders through different agents and suppliers who are connected with manufacturers and industrial processing units. There are special industrial agents whose job is to connect industrial buyers with suppliers. The suppliers should be able to meet all the quality and budget norms set by the buyers. If you are into processing plastic equipments or you need to trade in Chinese molding equipments such agents can help you in finding an affordable China plastic molding supplier. There are thousands of traders who earn big money by simply buying and selling plastic molding and auto molding machines and equipments. These traders or suppliers have bunch of export and import licenses. They procure different types of industrial supplies at wholesale prices. After procuring they sell them off to buyers and manufacturers who are ready to pay higher prices. Acting as middlemen these traders get millions of dollars from their profit margins.

Medical injection molding is one of the major plastic molding sectors in China. Since the introduction of disposable syringes, development of injection molding equipments became a huge industry. And China was one of the countries that pioneered injection mold making right from the onset. However, there is yet another reason behind all the bulk orders secured by mold manufacturers in China, and that is nothing but their talent of imitating or copying other brands. China has always been the homeland of high grade piracy. They know how to make fake things look, feel and work like real ones or sometimes even better than the real ones. They are skilled in making brand engravings on various materials. They make their own raw materials to imitate the ones used by costly brands; and also, etch the names on them very skillfully. They sell them at comparatively low prices and bag huge profits. The bottom line is that you will find numerous Chinese injection molding companies that make general molding equipments and then get them marked with popular brand names. Although these are duplicate equipments they function well, but they do not last long like the branded ones.

Even though fake Chinese molding materials are quite popular, this hasn’t affected the business of top mold making brands in China. There are brands like Sino Mould that has been doing great business in this industry. Sino Mould is basically a plastic mold designing company. It has its wide array of products listed at

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