When it comes to treating yeast infections some women have e a lot more trouble than others. While most women get the desired outcomes with an anti fungal cream purchased in their local drug store, other women are less fortunate. It's not uncommon for some sufferers to carry on using their creams for months or even years, and this is something that is completely unnecessary.

If you're using an anti fungal drug such as a cream or a pill and it isn't curing your infection then it probably never will. You can't keep on using the same treatment continuously, and not suffer from any side effects. While these side effects might not be directly aimed at you, they can cause results in your treatment that you're not looking for.

A drug resistant fungus feeding on the cells in your body is one undesired side effect of the continual use of anti fungal drugs. Once you've created an aggressive fungus that can't be killed with any type of drug then you're in for a long battle with the fungus and your health. Your body will soon start suffering if you're continually using these drugs especially if you're taking oral anti fungal drugs.

While your body might be feeling the temporary relief these drugs will be giving you, your health will soon start to decline. As the fungus gets more aggressive it will feed on the inside of your body as well as on the outside. Your digestion will suffer, and then your internal organs start taking punishment.

Once the fungus has been feeding in your body for long enough it will eventually perforate the walls of your intestines. Once this happens your infection becomes systemic, and toxins form the fungus enter your bloodstream. These cause symptoms that your doctor will not be able to put a cause to, and then you'll be prescribed all types of drugs while they try and find out what is wrong with you.

If you're having trouble treating yeast infections with anti fungal drugs then you do have other choices. And for a lot of sufferers other alternative methods of treatment have a much higher success rate because they treat the infection from the root cause. Instead of just killing fungus, they strengthen the body's natural defenses so that the infection stops coming back.

Just killing the fungus is not enough if you're suffering from recurrent fungal infections. Your body is now allowing the Candida to mutate into more fungus, and you have the Candida in your body all the time. This means that your infection can come back at any time until you start treating it from the cause. So to successfully treat a yeast infection you need to stop the Candida from mutating into fungus. You've had the Candida in your body almost your whole life, so your body has always had the ability to stop the fungus from forming. All you have to do is give your body back the internal strength it once had so it keeps the Candida under control.

Once your body is balanced again, your infection will stop, and your health will improve. Because your having trouble treating your yeast infection you have too much fungus in your body, and that is doing your health no good at all.

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