Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama in a speech ten times that of China, he cited China's scientific research and education, leading to obtain all the achievements in the United States, and 1957 years ago the Soviet Union launched its first satellite for more than human, Americans are welcome, said the new "satellite time," we must strengthen the infrastructure, research and innovation and investment in education, or the United States lag behind the competition in the future danger.

China's prosperity continues to be a prerequisite for future technological innovation in China to become the world center. However, the U.S. elite is still taken seriously the challenge of China in various fields, which can be called "economic cold war."

Compared to the United States, China can mobilize all resources to battle the system has become dominant. Chinese government is committed to promoting innovation and put a lot of money, in the just-released document, China is ready to promote the strategic and emerging industry in 2011 and 2015 to achieve an average annual growth rate of 24.1% in 2016 to 2020 years to achieve 21.3% growth. It is said that China will invest 10 trillion yuan, or for the development of seven new industries, while the U.S. is plunged into a long-term deficit crisis.

China's education depends on the family tradition and emphasis on education and government spending. OECD (OECD) recently commenced on a number of countries, the ability to test high school students showed that students in Shanghai and Hong Kong were ranked first, fourth, in a leading position in the world. In addition, Thomson Reuters has released an intellectual property analysis report is expected by 2011, patent activity in China will lead the world, the annual patent applications will be larger than Japan and the United States.

This information describes a clever nation is the massive money into education and research among the science and technology leading U.S. and Japan to Germany and other countries jealous and fear. But this may not be true. Although China has a mature and produce large-scale high-iron plane, but merely the result of systematic assembly, the core technology remains from abroad; computer even though the world's fastest, but China's electronic control system products, the chip is still more than 80% rely on imports, which reflect the organizational capacity rather than innovation.

Innovation requires freedom of the soil environment, efficient management and capital investment, such as integrated elements. Although China can pool resources, but the technology research and development mainly depends on the cause of scientific research institutions, universities and central enterprises, and their large amount of bureaucracy and low efficiency is an open secret, there have been scholars returning from overseas attack under the executive-led scientific research system. But also in China, innovation is becoming a part of performance, which inspired the massive rise in Chinese patent numbers, but many are junk patents; order to qualify or to obtain project, some researchers or professors have to copy the papers to qualify to appear in a These innovative "academic bubble."

Indeed, the Chinese have a clever mind, and the Chinese students or Chinese researchers in the United States made a remarkable symbol of scientific and technological research and produce the "genius of the Chinese population than the United States more than" impression. However, some of China's rigid and outdated teaching methods courses, educated people often lack creative thinking, practical knowledge is not strong.

It's like China, like Sports, through individual effort and hard work of the project easier to get individual champion, while collective projects such as soccer, the Chinese can not seem to progress. This is scientific research, China, though hard and have talent, but the research is a collective project, need soil. Therefore, we believe that the U.S. is not "satellite hour", but China must move away from low-end manufacturing and infrastructure investment-led development model, if not to achieve industrial upgrading and technological innovation, China's development capacity will be shrinking.

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