Over 750 million people internationally use Facebook! As online network marketers, that is a massive audience that we cannot and must not over look. Facebook may not be the first tactic in your marketing strategy, but it has to be one of your tactics. I am currently working my blog and article syndication as my primary tactic, but I also spend a few minutes Perk Up With Bawls Energy Drink a day building up friends to Facebook.

Why do I want to ensure I am including Facebook into my daily routine? So that once I blow-out Facebook, I have friends on my profile, fans on my page and members into my group. I must have an audience when I move forward.

There are Reply to that Knock - Open the Door To Achieving Success only a three steps to begin building you Facebook audience, first sign up for your Fanpage, personal profile and start a group, then Adelante Career Institute find friends using your contacts, previous experiences and personal interests and finally, link up Facebook to other social media, most importantly, your blog!

So the first thing we will want to do is start a Facebook Fanpage, create your Facebook Personal Profile and start a group. You can visit my YouTube channel or the video tutorial link below on creating the Facebook Fanpage and Profile. Simply having the pages started will allow other people you know to find you and you can start building your audience organically. The bigger your audience when you launch, the less you will have to pay out on PPC advertising to build your audience out.

Second, finding friends and like minded people are the key to your audience. By finding friends you remember, you will find friends you hadn't thought about or talked to for years. I was checking out the Internet in the library when the old guy sitting next to me found his Ubyte4n Vertex Data Driver Free Download Windows Xp high school sweetheart that he had not talked to in Error 2114 The Server Service Is Not Started 30 years and started chatting with her. I knew this because he How Poodle Training Can Avoid You Getting Into Trouble was talking on the phone with his buddy at the same time…in the library! Thankfully I was only there to Google map an address my phone could not locate so he was actually kinda funny.

Finding your friends, co-workers and old classmates will start Fdproxy.dll off your audience, but that will only be 100 or so people so who to you Friend next? I started by researching Benefits of Free Form Builder who was interested in what I was doing for work and joining those groups. Usually these people will be of similar minds and will be a good link 0X800b0001 to have. Additionally, they will provide links and resources you will need as you build your business. Then I looked into music, gardening and traveling. I looked into activities that I enjoyed doing when not working. Everything cannot be about work.

Finally you will want to link your blog and social media to 0X0000070c your Facebook Profile Page, Facebook Fanpage and your Facebook group. Sign up for as many social media accounts as you can and be sure to include your website in your personal information. I will write an article on HootSuite and how to link them in one interface later, but for now, get the accounts and link what you can to your Facebook account.

Then link your blog to Facebook. I used an amazing application called NetworkedBlogs. You will have to add to your Wordpress blog as a widget for them to approve, but once it is installed, you can link all of your Facebook pages to your blog so you increase your backlinks to all pages, which we all know is one of the best ways to increase your Google rank and Alexa rating.

Alright, so you need to watch my video tutorial about getting your Facebook pages set up, link to as many friends as you can and tie your social media and blog to Facebook. Later you can implement it as a full marketing strategy, but stick to your primary until you have exhausted it then exponentially expand your Facebook tactic.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to call me directly at 602.391.0070. Look forward to hearing from you! -Angela

Angela Chase is an online network marketing professional with over 13 years of marketing and sales experience. For more information including the video tutorial mentioned in the article above, please visit my website at http://angelachase.com.