The Dragon has been an integral part of the folklore of several countries for centuries together now. While there are legends galore surrounding them, the question as to whether these creatures really existed is still not clear. While some people say that they are just figments of imagination, there are many who swear by their existence. The debate has been going on for centuries now with no conclusive answer in sight.

The mention of these fearsome creatures can be found in almost all the major religions of the world. There are references to them that can be found in the Holy Bible. You can also find several mythological characters being dragons in other major religions of the world too. In fact , they seem to be most popular in the oriental culture. One of the striking aspects is the various different sizes , features and colors of these often monstrous creatures that are popular.

Traditionally the western dragon has often been portrayed as being evil. It has been associated with all things bad and negative in western civilizations. The depiction of the creature too derives from this concept. It is usually a winged animal with a long neck. More often than not, it would also breathe fire wreaking havoc with the others. There are many legends which also show them as having magical powers. For example, they could change their color and shape at will according to some legends prevalent in western countries. They were also depicted as being blood thirsty. They would usually eat cattle or sometimes even humans, particularly in instances when they had some sort of vengeance to wreak.

When it comes to the eastern dragon, the varieties are more. There are the ones which have got serpentine body. They could fly and often spit fire on its enemies. They also have four legs , just like their western counterparts. Their body shape would more or les resemble that of a reptile or a snake. The claws would resemble that of a kite or an eagle. In some pictures they are often depicted having claws of a lion. Another unique thing about them are their horns. In certain religions they are also shown as having the ears of an elephant too.

The major difference between the different types that are found in eastern civilizations seems to be in the number of toes that they had. For example, in the case of Japan the dragon will always have three toes. This is not the case with the Chinese ones , which usually have five. The Indonesia and Korean ones have four.

Contrary to what many people think, not all of them were evil. There are many legends that tell us that there were good ones too among them. In fact, in a vast majority of the eastern civilizations they were shown as being very docile , unless they were provoked into doing something violent. While the debate about their existence continues endlessly, there is no denying the fact that these creatures have become a part and parcel of our lives.

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Planning a stay in Dubai for your business meeting or family vacation? Not a problem! Being the newest and preferred business and tourist destination of the world, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotels and accommodations.

Hundreds of hotels ranging from cheap hotels to the world’s only 7 star hotel (Burj Al Arab) are scattered across Dubai. More are still under development in the everyday ongoing construction such as the Burj Dubai. All the Dubai hotels comply with the unified system set by the Dubai Tourism authorities to ensure quality service and facilities.

The most famous Dubai luxury hotel is the Burj Al Arab, which is the only seven star hotel in the world. It is built in a form of a billowing sail. This luxury hotel soars as high as 321 meters above the Arabian Gulf.

Situated in the Jumeirah Beach area, this hotel is currently one of the world’s finest luxury hotels if not the finest. This high-rise building that dominates the coastline of Dubai is seen from different sides of Dubai and offers amazing color sculptures of fire and water at night.

The special services of this hotel include luxury chauffer driven limousine airport transfers in Rolls Royce, private golf cart rides when going to adjacent properties, and private hotel staffs for all rooms. The hotel was designed to serve the International Elite class with its excellent facilities that offer complete privacy and security for their top-rank customers.

The Burj Al Arab also offers sporting activities such as kayaking, surfing, sailing, paragliding, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing. Those who can afford to have a luxurious stay in Dubai can book online at the Dubai Tourism or at the Burj Al Arab websites.

Those who want luxury at more affordable prices can try other luxury hotels in Dubai such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Raffles Dubai, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah, and many more. The Five Star Alliance, the alliance of luxury hotels recommends in their website the 27 luxury hotels in Dubai including the previously named Dubai hotels.

A cheap hotel in Dubai (or should I say discounted hotels) is more affordable for budget conscious tourists and are also available in all areas of Dubai. Shopping for these hotels can be done online where you can book one right away when you find it.

Aside from the current hotels in Dubai, more hotels are still to be completed in nearly halfway developments such as the Burj Dubai and in Bawadi. The Burj Dubai will be home to more luxury hotels such as the signature boutique Armani hotel. Bawadi, being one of the biggest entertainment walkways in the world will give way to the construction of 51 hotels more in the Bawadi projects.

These hotels are available in boutique, themed, and resort hotels that include the prospected world’s largest hotel, the Asia-Asia Hotel. Theme hotels will include Universal, Asian, American (countries), African, European, and Middle Eastern.

And with all that said, don’t forget the Dubai hotel apartments. The Bur Dubai area is loaded with these. These are like the extended stay hotels you are used to seeing in North America (Residence Inn’s and Towne Place Suites), except they are MUCH better.

These hotel apartments are truly luxurious with most of them with marble flooring. I suppose it is meant to give you a taste of what it would be like to live in a Dubai high rise apartment or condo. I have stayed at many of these and definitely recommend it as an alternative. I mostly recommend this if you are traveling to Dubai with your family (kids).

Dubai will be much more worth visiting if you book in one of its quality hotels. Hotel booking will be made easier and safer when done with the Dubai Tourism accredited hotels whether a luxury hotel or the more affordable ones. Dubai hotels will surely give you the services and amenities that will make you feel completely at home. Once you get there, you will see how easily it is to call Dubai your home (at least for the time being).

Visit http://www.Dubai-Information-Site.com for the best deals on Dubai hotels. The site has partnered with hand-picked agencies in Dubai to offer the best deals at the lowest prices up to 60% off!

Sunil is a co-founder of the Dubai City Information Site, the first & only comprehensive website on Dubai City presented from a fresh, practical & first hand perspective. Read about the culture, history, religion, currency, jobs, hotels, entertainment, tours, transportation, flights, controversies, book reviews, guides, investing, business, sports, etc. you name it. Read on for more information on the Dubai Information Site0x80070422,Coordinator.exe,ERROR_INVALID_EVENT_COUNT,Intellinet 524438 Driver,RPC_S_SEND_INCOMPLETE
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By now, you probably already know that anEquipment topis essential in a woman's wardrobe, therefore a number of selection should be present when you feel like dressing up. You heard us right, this is an article that will guide you to wearing your favorite Equipment top with a blazer and other items in an outfit.

You heard us right, this is an article that will guide you to wearing your favorite Equipment top with a blazer and other items in an outfit. By now, you probably already know that an Equipment top is essential in a woman's wardrobe, therefore a number of selection should be present when you feel like dressing up. This season of flowering plants and beckoning waves, we have rounded up ways on how you can wear your top with chic and trendy styles.

Taking the Blazer

The Blazer is also quite a versatile item to have in the wardrobe and should not be confined within the walls of a corporate environment. This summer, invest in a brightly colored blazer that you can also easily wear in the office. A coral blazer or a beige blazer is a safe choice.For a hot and confident look on a dinner for two occasions, wear the blazer over a white Equipment top matched with cream colored shorts and sky high heels in nude color. You can wear a leather tote bag in romantic red and a few accessories like a bracelet or a gold cuff.

Dressing it up

An Equipment top can be dressed up easily, thanks to its uncanny versatility. How you may ask? Why, it's very simple. You can wear a simple Equipment top in solid color over a dress while wearing high heels below. Try on a maxi-dress for that perfect summer evening wear that will make your date's jaw drop to the floor. A gold bangle and a clutch with floral prints should do the trick when it comes to accessorizing. This look will set you apart from the same-old-cocktail-dress club goers.

A Loose Laid Back Look

Going out with friends to brunch? Take an effortless look by wearing an Equipment top that seemed oversized paired with pleated shorts. Don't tuck the ends of the top and let it loose. Wear a pair of summer flats like something that has floral prints or has been weaved. Your hair is the key here, make it look blown out and your makeup should be nude and natural, not too much. You will have a swept look that is very easy and relaxed. Keep the accessories to a minimum as you want the air of effortless appeal.

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Touring the most popular city of India, Rajasthan, will make you discover the ethnic lifestyles, traditions, warm hospitality and unspoilt nature of the royal village of India. Visiting Rajasthan will make you experience an open museum where you can see its ancient remains beautifully preserved till today. You can still find the traces of brave warriors, music and heritage structures, and all witness the royal Rajasthan’s past.

Rajasthan, situated in western India, the glorious state in itself marks the beauties with an incredible land and distinguishing wealthy heritage, never-ending sand-dunes, exploratory desert safaris, energetic culture and healthy natural life.

Rajasthan Tou

Rajasthan tour offers you numerous opportunities to enjoy and explore the exquisiteness and real culture of India revealing the life of people to be still in harmony with seasons. You can also enjoy a variety of themes in your Rajasthan package by exploring the architectural wonder, the infinite peaceful deserts, the wonderful royal families’ heritage, holy pilgrimages, adventurous wildlife and a tour of the Aravallis and lots more. Besides, don’t forget the special event tours like trip to the world renowned Pushkar fair. The Pushkar fair is organized either in October or November.

You’ll be delighted to walk around Bikaner, the desert city of Rajasthan with striking sand dunes and stunning palaces and forts, Jaisalmer, city with wonderful Thar Desert and ancient monuments like Jaisalmer fort, and Jodhpur, the Sun City full of forts, palaces and magnificent sunny weather. The best place for bird watching in India will help you watch unusual birds while heading towards the Bharatpur sanctuary and face the fear being in front of tiger without danger during the Ranthambhor safari, one of the biggest national parks of Northern India.

Rajasthan tours offer royal reservation at many luxurious hotels that were once renowned as the royal palaces of the state. Dedicate a week to Rajasthan royalty and explore the state and get to know about Mont Abu in the Aravallis, the beautiful destination with famous Jain temples situated nearby.

The Shopping Zone

For shopper’s Rajasthan tour is a shopping paradise, comprising hand-made artifacts to jewelry. Rajasthan tour is a great idea for shopping authentic and ethnic stuffs.

You can explore famous 'Pichwai' paintings, traditional fabric paintings painted and printed with hand blocks, in the religious town of Nathdwara. Pichwai paintings are detailed in nature representing the God in all his glory and hence, are found in the temples of Shrinathji. Rajasthan’s silver jewelry and filigree work on sandstone & dyed fabrics are very popular across the world. Rajasthan attires show some tremendously attractive mirror work, which are extremely liked by the tourists. Indeed, enjoying shopping alone never halts till the day end.

Rajasthan tours are fondly liked by many shoppers and Rajasthan tourism is specially promoted and popular for its authentic and beautiful forts, adventurous camel and wildlife safari, magnificent historical cities, the remotest regions of the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert with striking sand dunes and plenty more exploration making Rajasthan a glistening paradise.

Kipling Travels is a leading inbound travel management company India offers Rajasthan tours packages, holiday tours and adventure tourism packages. Plz visit for know more about tour packages http://kiplingindiatravels.com/tours-packages.html80072ee2 Windows7,Download Opencl.dll,ERROR_INSTALL_SOURCE_ABSENT,ERROR_NO_PROC_SLOTS,Windowsupdate_c1900107
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Whether you are married for years or you are in a long term relationship, it is important to know how to maintain your partner's interest in you, because relationships are hard and they require hard work and, no matter what some people may claim, physical interaction is a huge part of a relationship. There are several things that you can do in order to relight the passion in your relationship, from romantic gateways and crazy adventures to wild nights and surprise quickies in the kitchen. Whatever you decide to do, it is important to be well prepared for it and by that I mean, of course, have the right [censored] thongs or any other type of lingerie you know your partner will enjoy. The options in this field are almost limitless, as the lingerie market has expanded greatly over the years and the entire industry has began focusing on creating alluring items, such as suspender belts, pearl thongs and different other such items.

[censored] lingerie will definitely help you keep things ardent in the couple, but if you want the fire to stay on, you have to find different things, because wearing the same [censored] thongs over and over again will just not do the trick. This is yet another reason for which the variety of women's alluring lingerie items today will come very in handy. One of the best tricks, which almost never fails is the outfit dressing. One night, you can be a naughty nurse, the next one you can be a shy school teacher, the one after that you can be a man eating nympho and so on. This game never gets boring if you put your imagination to work and get the right outfit for each occasion, be that suspender belts, corsets or entire [censored] outfits. The decor is also important, as it may also help with the progress of fantasy, so whether you arrange the bedroom in different ways or you move the location from one room to another, be sure to pay attention to decor. Another thing that works like a charm is sexual intercourse in public places. Throw in a quick round in an almost empty theatre or a dark alley in the park from time to time and you will definitely have a great thing going on there, keeping not only your partner enticed, but yourself as well.

All things taken into account, no matter how much you twist it around, a relationship need a healthy and exciting physical bond in order to survive, which is why it is important for people to keep their passion awake. As already said, there are plenty of things to be done in this direction, but the use of [censored] thongs and alluring lingerie, such as suspender belts or different types of corsets, is the simplest and easiest thing you can do, providing you with a variety of options and alternatives. All you have to do is give free reign to your imagination and fantasies and pay attention to the desires and fantasies of your partner.

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